TFY—Joint Venture Manufacturing Partnerships

TFY—An excellent China Investment Partner

More and more companies are setting up their own manufacturing operations in China. TFY provides an excellent platform to work from for companies looking to setup manufacturing operations in China. We can provide the following key benefits to partners and customers we work with:

  • Technological Manufacturing Expertise—TFY is well experienced in the establishment of manufacturing facilities both in China and abroad. We have our own experienced team that can setup production lines in-house for a variety of consumer electrical products.
  • Long Established International Customer Base—TFY has been exporting products to world markets for many years. This has allowed us to develop a strong customer base worldwide.
  • Excellent Local Supplier Network—TFY has extensive experience in sourcing products for our own manufacturing and trading operations. Our long standing relationships with a number of suppliers provides us with a strong supply network with premium access at the best prices.
  • Strong Governmental Relationship Network—TFY is partly owned by a key China state-owned enterprise, Commercial Development Co., Ltd. (CDC). Our position as part of the state-owned enterprise network is a valuable intangible asset in the China business environment.
  • Versatile Business Capability—TFY possesses a variety of business capability from product development and manufacturing to production line establishment and China Sourcing. By combining our capabilities with other enterprises, great business synergies are possible.

TFY Partners with Malaysian Company to Establish Factory

TFY recently agreed to partner with Zapporo Sales & Services, a Malaysian home appliance OEM. TFY and Zapporo will establish a home appliance manufacturing facility in GDD. The factory had a planned capacity of 100,000 units a month and will produce a variety of home appliances for both TFY and our Malaysian partner. The facility is due to come on line in late 2005.


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