Tooling & Mold-making

Take advantage of the cost savings that tooling & mold-making in China offers

TFY supplies tooling & molds to your specifications for metals, plastics and rubber. Mold cavities as in the case of the injection molding process, dies for cutting patterns, bending tools to produce complex shapes, investment casting, or any other process required to prepare for continuous production can be tailor made to the individual requirements of your equipment.

Plastic Injection Molding

Outsource the production of your specially designed plastic injected molded components to TFY

China is one of the most competitively priced sourcing bases for plastic injected molded parts in the world. From our own manufacturing activities, we have gained extensive experience in the development and manufacture of plastic injection molded parts. Manufacturers worldwide can outsource the production of their plastic injected molded parts to us and cut costs. Our knowledge in developing and manufacturing molds as well as our manufacturing experience is a great resource in sourcing precision plastic parts. Moreover, we deal with foreign customers regularly so buyers appreciate our customer service and English communication skills.


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