Import Export Services

Companies, including world famous multinational corporations rely on us for import and export services for a large variety of consumer and industrial items.

TFY provides Import Export Services in 4 areas including:

  • Logistics
  • Transit Trade
  • Export Processing
  • Import Export Agent

Why Choose TFY?

  • We are located in Guangzhou Development District (GDD) which boasts the largest first-class logistics base in South China.
  • The Huangpu Customs Headquarters is located in GDD, which makes customs procedures much more convenient.
  • We are one of the earliest companies in GDD. Our history as well as being one of the areas top exporters in the area, makes us very knowledgeable of the local customs bureau. Therefore, we are experienced in negotiating the customs clearance process.
  • Long standing relationships we have developed over the past 20 years help us to clear your goods through customs quickly.
  • Customs officials recognize our company and trust us. Therefore, they are confident that items we import and export are in accordance with the required laws and procedures. This allows us to avoid costly and time consuming customs related delays for goods we import.


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