Electric Motor Production Line

Technological expertise in manufacturing is one of our key strengths. TFY can supply machines, materials, parts and technology data for Electric Motor Production Lines.

We source machinery for our Electric Motor Production Lines from established mainland China manufacturers. In use in factories around the world, electric motor production machinery made in China has proven to be a reliable alternative to western manufactured machinery. TFY is well aquatinted with these China manufacturers and can source all necessary equipment for an Electric Motor Production Line at a significant cost savings in comparison to similarly produced Western models.

Household Appliance Production Lines

TFY also offers the following Production Lines:

  • Air Conditioner Production Line
  • Washing Machine Production Line
  • Microwave Oven Production Line
  • Telephone Production Line
  • Vacuum Cleaner Production Line
  • Mini-home Appliance Production Line

Experienced Installation, Service & Training

Our engineers and technicians are well qualified and have extensive experience in setting up production lines. From design and installation, to training and support, manufacturers both in China and abroad have looked to us to setup their production lines.



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